Want to get high ranking in search engines? Combine User Experience and SEO


The most important requirement for an effective search engine optimization campaign is to have a properly working website. This is also the easiest component of an SEO campaign to fix because you have complete control over it. The information on your website must be accurate and clear. The content must be informative, educational and include the proper keywords. Finally, the design of the site will also factor in how the search engines will rank the site. There are also some factors that will add to the user experience and help achieve a higher ranking. Some of these factors are the page load time, the HTML structure, and the internal navigation. This write-up explains how highly effective SEO Services are a result of combining the user experience and SEO.

Page Loading Time

It has officially been verified that page loading times affects the ranking of the site. This makes sense, as it bodes well to place relevant sites that load faster at higher positions, in SERPs. Net Surfers spend more time on pages they can navigate through faster and get the information they are looking for. Studies have shown that users do not wait for websites with delayed loading times. The search engines attempt to avoid this frustration by not recommending these sites during a search query. You should check your site for any blockages that may hinder pages from loading on a consistent basis. Our recommendation is to use a Plugin for Firefox Browsers or Page Speed or Analyze Page Performance extension for Google Chrome. The Plugins display the page loading times and even gives an analysis of how this time is spent downloading images, JavaScript files, and varied elements required for the page. This Plugin even provides tips for improvements, to optimize loading times.

Clean Page Layout

A very easy solution to optimize a website for fast loading times is creating an uncluttered page Layout, in which every element is defined in a CCS file. With a design like this, it is easy to create an accurate HTML structure, in which the content comes first and every side element including the navigation menus are at the bottom of the page. This is crucial as the priority or spotlight must be on the page content. Google and the other search engines put more weight on the top part of the HTML file. A well-designed website where the layout is defined in the CSS file, actually loads faster as there is no clutter in the HTML file.

Internal Navigation is the Key

Internal navigation is crucial as well, not only for the user, but for effective and affordable SEO. If the pages are logically and hierarchically connected, it will be obviously reflected in an improved user experience which result in higher SEO scores. Accurate internal navigation is not only navigation through the website, but a path to find all pages. Search engines only follow links and locate other pages. If every page on the site can be reached by following 2 or 3 links, from the homepage then that implies easy navigation for both visitors and search engines.


The most critical aspect of the website is the content. Nevertheless, for highly effective SEO Services remember to, choose an accurate webpage layout. Quality content and attractive design is a recipe for a higher ranking of your website in the search engines.


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