What is a Keyword and What is Its Importance in an SEO Strategy?

Surely you have heard about the importance of keywords for your online marketing strategy for both SEO, SEM and Content Marketing, but do you know what a keyword really is? What is it for? We are sure that you can make your business grow with the correct keywords and with the help of a Local SEO agency in Phoenix.


What is a Keyword?

A keyword refers to the term for which we want to position a website in the different search engines in order to attract more traffic to our site; i. e., they are the terms or set of terms that users use when they search Google and in others search engines.


The choice of these keywords will condition the marketing strategy, content, SEO positioning and therefore the success of our campaign.


The keywords are divided into three categories:

1. Head Keywords.

2. Body Keywords.

3. Long Tail Keywords.


Head Keywords

Generic keywords with a large volume of searches and therefore a large amount of competition such as: marketing, car, health, etc. This type of keyword does not have a high conversion rate because users do not have a defined intention. For example, if a user is looking for a car, he/she may be looking to buy a car, an article about cars, car insurance, etc.


Body Keywords

Keywords are made up of 2 or 3 terms, much more specific than head keywords and therefore with a lower level of competition.

Some examples of body keywords: luxury cars, content marketing, health insurance.


Long Tail Keywords

They are those keywords composed of 4 terms or more. These are more specific searches with less search volume and less competition, and therefore with a more concrete and specific intention on the part of the user.


Some examples of long tail keywords can be: buying a luxury car in Phoenix, Content Marketing Agency in Phoenix or taking out cheap health insurance.


These keywords do not generate a high volume of traffic individually, but if we use them together, they are the largest source of visits and traffic on a website. In addition, user searches are increasingly long-tail and more specific.


What is a Keyword For?

If you were wondering if there is a PPC Advertising Agency near me to help you with your keywords, this is your lucky day because keywords are of great importance for a digital marketing strategy for different reasons:


· Keywords are the 'tracks' that the search engine uses to show us the results; therefore they help us to appear in the first search results if we have a good SEO positioning strategy.

· They bring us traffic, visits and improve our brand image if we appear in the first Google search results.

· They help to improve the user experience if we include them correctly in our content.

· They generate conversions. If you know how to use the ideal keywords for your marketing strategy, using the so-called transactional keywords, you will be able to increase the sales of your business.


How To Search For Keywords?

According to the Local SEO agency in Phoenix, the search and choice of target keywords for SEO is a fundamental aspect for your strategy to work correctly, so we tell you the steps you have to follow to keywords search for SEO on Google.


Set Your Main Goals

What are the main goals of your business?

· Get Traffic: If you have an information platform and what you are looking for is to get a greater number of traffic, you can bet on keywords with high volumes of head keywords, although this traffic will not end up converting.


· Get Conversions: If you have an e-commerce or a specific business, you will be interested in betting on keywords that generate more sales such as transactional keywords.


Choose Keywords With Acceptable Traffic

An error that is often repeated a lot is betting on keywords with low search volumes, which will provide very low web traffic because users are not using those keywords in their searches.


Search Related Keywords

Try to bet on other keyword niches related to your business and do not focus only on those in your sector. Contact a PPC Advertising Agency near me to receive tips and advice.



Analyze Your Competition

Spy on your competition and see what keywords they are using. Check if you can use those keywords.


Once the main keywords that our buyer personas use to search have been compiled, we must include them in our content and inbound marketing campaigns to impact them.



In conclusion, keywords are one of the most important points of a digital marketing strategy, whether for PPC campaigns, SEO positioning or content marketing. The choice of some keywords or others will determine the success or failure of our campaigns, so it is very important to leave this task in the hands of professionals or experts on the subject.


If you are looking for a Local SEO agency in Phoenix, we have a team of experts in keyword research and content marketing. If you need help, count on us!


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