The Most Relevant SEO Trends in 2022

The labor market is nourished by new businesses and one of those that has grown exponentially, and more so in the last year due to the pandemic, has been online companies.

One of the most important tools of online business is SEO positioning, a term that is already part of our work culture. According to Wikipedia “Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the Google results list.”

Currently, the most prepared and professionalized companies to run this part of the business are SEO agencies, dedicated exclusively to positioning companies in Google search engines.

Improve web visibility

The objective of the positioning is to improve the visibility of these pages, following a series of rules dictated by the search engines themselves.

Do not forget that there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet! and Google has about 30,000 billion pages.

When a user searches for something on the internet, the only way for your page to become visible is through optimization. The truth is that having a good looking site is not enough without SEO.

It's all about attracting potential customers to convert them into real customers. For this reason, SEO positioning is so important, to capture the attention of those who are really interested in the type of service provided by the business or the product you sell.

Web design

The design of the web is key to achieve more impact and visibility. But redesigning a web portal does not necessarily mean giving it a new image. There are up to eight points in the redesign of the web:

· Define the objectives.

· Plan the redesign.

· Write a specification.

· Choose a CMS/framework and a server/hosting.

· Perform verifications.

· Start pre-production.

· Test and launch.

· Optimize the new portal for SEO strategy.


Lastly, don't forget to adapt your website to mobile browsing. The vast majority of people who use these assistants do so through a mobile terminal. In this way, adapting our website to these portable browsers will make the user experience much more satisfactory.

Voice search

Among the main trends for 2022 we have the voice search provided by Google. Users now use it much more frequently thanks to the wizards installed in all Smartphones.

That is why it is convenient that your website adapts not only to written searches but also to voice searches, taking into account that everyone makes their searches (primarily) from their phones.

Position YouTube videos

Another SEO 2022 trend is to properly position the company's videos on YouTube and Google, and the video format continues to gain importance. Its development is concomitant to that of social networks, which participate in its dissemination among the general public.

With more than 2 billion monthly users, YouTube concentrates most of the opportunities for an advertiser who wants to publish a video.

Knowledge, experience and time

With more than 200 optimization criteria, Google SEO positioning requires knowledge, experience and time.

For this reason, online businesses require a website positioning strategy that will pay off in the long run. The first thing that needs to be carried out will be an SEO audit, then the definition of an action plan, the implementation, the work with the pages, the publication of content and the link building.

On average, you have to count 6 months to start seeing positive effects. Then the effects keep showing up in the long run.


Link building is another of the relevant areas to achieve visibility of web pages. It is a "science" of SEO positioning and there are different opinions about it.

Link building is one of the main optimization channels when implementing an SEO positioning strategy. The Local SEO agency in Phoenix analyzed to understand their practices and customs in terms of link building which has resulted in a very thorough investigation. The study is based on a panel of 100 profiles in web writing.

This study confirmed many essential rules of SEO positioning such as some of these: the proportion of natural anchors, internal pages, the proportion of links in dofollow VS nofollow; the presence of the brand name on the anchors (56% of the anchors used are branding), the selection of thematic and influential sources, the minimum length of a quality text to optimize its diffusion: (79% of the source texts are composed of more than 400 words).

In short, if you were wondering for a PPC Advertising Agency near me to get more real clients, an SEO audit is essential to establish any SEO positioning strategy in Google. This will allow us to analyze the keywords of our website, the competition strategies, the performance of the site in terms of SEO positioning, the architecture and content of the site, the technical performance and the quality and breadth of link building.




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