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Keyword Research For SEO: The Ultimate Guide

With this definitive guide to keywords search we hope to clarify a series of concepts, dispel some myths and teach you some things that you probably did not know about keywords (or maybe you did). It is a definitive guide, you cannot expect less. What is a Keyword? Keyword is a text that a person types into a search engine, for example, when you go to Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc. and type a few words in their search bar, those words are called keywords. SEO is to ensure that when people search for certain keywords, they end up entering your website. Google is getting smarter and the content must be of higher quality. But is keywords research still that important? Keywords are everything to Google. It remains the fundamental basis of its operation. A person types something in its search engine and Google has to give him an answer that satisfies his search. What is Keyword Research? A keyword research is a practice or technique used by digital marketers (in particular, SEO specialists)