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What is a Keyword and What is Its Importance in an SEO Strategy?

Surely you have heard about the importance of keywords for your online marketing strategy for both SEO, SEM and Content Marketing, but do you know what a keyword really is? What is it for? We are sure that you can make your business grow with the correct keywords and with the help of a Local SEO agency in Phoenix .   What is a Keyword? A keyword refers to the term for which we want to position a website in the different search engines in order to attract more traffic to our site; i. e., they are the terms or set of terms that users use when they search Google and in others search engines.   The choice of these keywords will condition the marketing strategy, content, SEO positioning and therefore the success of our campaign.   The keywords are divided into three categories: 1.  Head Keywords. 2.  Body Keywords. 3.  Long Tail Keywords.   Head Keywords Generic keywords with a large volume of searches and therefore a large amount of competition such as: marketing, car, health, etc. This ty