Easy-To-Implement Local SEO Strategies For SMBs

 If you have a local business such as a restaurant or a physical store or you only provide service in a geographical area, you will be interested in appearing in the first position in searches carried out by users who are close to your establishment (geo-located searches). That is what we are going to try to help you achieve today thanks to Local SEO Services in Phoenix.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a set of techniques and strategies that seek to optimize the online presence of your business and increase its visibility to attract users who are physically close to your establishment.


We can say that it is a branch of SEO and that it is divided into two results types. On the one hand, the results in Google Maps or Google My Business and, on the other, the organic results of the search engine for local searches. Therefore, when it comes to capturing users, PPC Advertising Agency in Phoenix must work on these two lines.


What Type Of Companies Should Work Their Local Positioning?

The businesses that serve the public in their physical establishments are those that must work their local SEO:

· Bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

· Beauty salons, hairdressers and barber shops.

· Schools, dentists and medical consultants.

· Shops and shopping centers.

· Hotels and hostels.

· Cinemas, theaters, nightclubs and pubs.

· And, in short, any business with a physical store or face-to-face customer service.


Why is Local SEO Important For a Business?

There are many reasons why, if you have not already done so, your Local SEO Services in Phoenix should work on the local positioning of your business:


· To increase the visibility of your brand without investing money in ads. Yes, local SEO is an organic and free strategy.

· To get more customers. Appearing in the top positions of Google will make it more likely that consumers will choose and buy you.

· To attract new audiences. In relation to the two previous points, users choose Google Maps to discover new businesses in the cities in which they live or to which they travel.

· To increase your local authority and prestige with respect to your competitors. Users will be able to compare in a few seconds the opinion of consumers who have gone to your business or those of your competition. Having good reviews is key to earning their trust.


How To Position Your Google My Business Listing?

The first thing you should do is create a listing for your business in Google My Business. If you don't know how, you can contact a PPC Advertising Agency in Phoenix to guide you on how to appear on Google Maps. Once you have created your file, you must optimize it. To do this, there are several local SEO tricks that we want to share with you.


Analysis Of Your Competition

What keywords are your competitors using? Do they have good reviews? How many? What do those comments say? Are they answered by the company? How are their photos? Have they filled in all the data (description, URL, telephone, etc)?


An analysis of your competition is essential to be able to start your own local SEO strategy, since it will help you to know how businesses like yours are positioned in the market.


Keyword Research

In SEO, we talk about keywords when we refer to those search terms that users type in the search engine in order to get answers to their questions and/or solve their problems.


Let's say that you have a Local SEO Services in Phoenix and that your main keyword is precisely that: “Local SEO Services in Phoenix”. You must include it in the title of your business, in the tab description and in the labels. Of course, make sure that when reading it is natural, not imposed.



Having positive reviews is good, but that they are geo-located close to your business and that they include some of your keywords is a bad luck! So we encourage you to ask your customers to write an opinion about their experience in your Google My Business listing before leaving the establishment.


Use Google Posts To Inform Your Customers

In the current situation in which we find ourselves, any updated information on COVID-19 is well received by Google, so if your company changes the schedule or any of the conditions due to the pandemic, publish it.


We also advise you to add the hygienic sanitary measures that you have implemented, such as the use of a mandatory mask, taking the temperature, etc.


You already have the information, now is the time to put it into practice! And if you have questions along the way, you can contact a PPC Advertising Agency in Phoenix for expert help.


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